50 Cent Chimes in on Quavo and Saweetie Break Up

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We all could have seen this coming.

Shortly after Quavo and Saweetie announced their split on Twitter, social media erupted with memes and comments about the two’s relationship. In typical 50 Cent fashion, the rapper and entertainment mogul chimed in on the split as well.

50 Cent posted on his Instagram a photo of Quavo with a caption that said “Bitch! you went where, and said what to who? oh no you gotta go call you a Uber. LOL.” 

It is still unclear what 50 Cent was referring to.

But for those that did not know, Quavo and Saweetie recently called it quits. While Saweetie has not explicitly said why they decided to split up, she has implied that Quavo cheated on her.  “Presents don’t band aid scars and the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women,” she wrote. Quavo has since addressed her tweet, claiming that she was “not the woman I thought you were,” Saweetie tweeted.

Quavo also had his own tweets directed at Saweetie, saying she was not the woman that he thought she was, to which the “Tap In” rapper replied, “Take Care.”

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