Doja Cat Becomes First Woman and Artist to Launch NFT Marketplace

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Doja Cat has announced Juicy Drops, a high-end NFT marketplace for creating and curating one-of-a-kind digital art pieces from musicians, artists, and creatives around the globe. The announcement reveals artists can turn their creative moments into crypto-collectible digital items that fans can collect and trade. In turn, the collectibles can unlock experiences and opportunities to interact with the artists.

The Juicy Drops platform intends to elevate collectibles from simple file types or cards into actual high-value art creating something unique and beautiful for fans to display, collect and enjoy as they own these highly limited art pieces inspired by the artists they love. Juicy Drops will curate a creative NFT hub for artists, athletes, and creatives to put their unique collectibles to fans and collectors globally.

Doja Cat will be offering fans a chance to own the company’s very first release – a collection of digital, 3-D graphics featuring a spinning, metallic Doja Cat in a gilded frame. The collection will include 6 different color variations with varying tiers of available quantities and price points. The collection includes a very rare “Metallic” Tier with 3 different rarities and a “Flavored” Tier that features 3 additional Rarities. As with all art, there is value and prestige in collecting and holding all six rarities.

“I’m helping to launch my NFT company so that I can actually own and control my art. I want to be able to make all decisions related to my creative vision and help other artists do the same. My ownership also allows me to direct how we can give back to causes that I truly believe in,” said Doja Cat.

“Doja Cat is the first A-list female musician to drop artist-led NFTs on OpenSea, and we’re excited to welcome her to the platform. We believe that blockchain technology and NFTs open up a wide range of new opportunities for the music industry, and we can’t wait to see how her audience reacts to the content and unlockables,” said Alex Atallah, CTO and CoFounder of OpenSea.

You can register for the inaugural drop here.

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