Erica Mena Claps Back at Wendy Williams: “At This Point Let’s Link Up So I Can Beat Your Ass”

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Although it’s supposed to be a time for celebration and happiness, since Erica Mena and her husband Safaree Samuels have announced that they are expecting baby number two, Erica has been clapping back left and right on social media.

First, Mena found herself clapping back at rapper and youtuber, Amy Luciani after Amy accused Mena of stealing her pregnancy photo shoot concept from her. This time, Mena is clapping back at Wendy Williams for a few comments she made on her television show regarding Erica and Safaree.

“Granted, there’s been mistakes made, immaturely, but a marriage is a marriage,” Mena said in a video posted to her social media. “And unfortunately, there’s been mishaps. In any marriage, sh*t happens. When you’re in the public eye, my husband and I have both realized that things should be kept in.”

As Erica’s video surfaced the internet, the video also made its way to the desk of media mogul, Wendy Williams which led to the Love and Hip Hop couple being discussed in Hot Topics. “We’re not trying to do anything, you’re the one putting it out there, Erica,” Williams said in response to the video. “You and Safaree. I don’t really know you much Erica, but I do know Safaree enough and you all need to stop fighting and threatening divorce so much. And you all need to grow up and grow into being parents and if you’re not gonna wanna be married, then get a divorce and co-parent.”

“And babies don’t save marriages, but good luck, at least your first, six months,” she continued.

“@WendyWilliams At this point let’s link up so I can beat your ass,” Erica penned in a tweet. “Your ex husband didn’t do a good enough job.”


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