Jada Pinkett Smith Has The Perfect DIY Natural Hydrating Face Mask To Treat Dry Skin


Jada Pinket Smith took to Instagram with her face covered in Saran Wrap and green goo to show all skincare fanatics like us her go to DIY hydrating face mask recipe. After explaining to her followers that she had been traveling in the desert coupled with returning to the dry environment of LA, her skin felt parched and that it was time her face got some much needed love and TLC.  “Hey guys I know I look crazy but listen up,” she says with her face covered in Saran Wrap, She had us at,  I know I look crazy.  “This is the avocado, olive oil, honey mask that I put on and this time I did a little different technique and I mummified my face with Saran Wrap because I really want to capture the moisture in the avocado and honey.” She says. For all you skincare newbies, the plastic helps to retain moisture. Then she continues to give us her step by step instructions. “Right before I’m going to take it off, Im going to lightly steam my face with the saran wrap on, just lightly and I will remove it and then I’m going to check out and see if it makes my skin a bit more dewy and glowy.” Singing “Like a baby’s bottom” with the excitement of having soft skin again.  

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Jada’s Hydrating Face Mask Recipe:

  • Honey
  • Avocado 
  • A little bit of olive oil 
  • Steamer

The consistency will be a chunky mixture that resembles the texture of a loose chunky peanut-butter. Apply all over face, secureing with pieces of Saran Wrap. Use a face steamer to penetrate and seal in the natural oils from the mask and opens pores. “ This can get a little messy but its the best hydrating mask.” she claims. The results? A fresh clean faced Jada with no makeup and  glowing skin. “My skin is feeling yummy.I highly recommend this technique, like I am so happy with how my skin feels and how it looks.” It looks really nourished and it feels so good.” she adds.  

If you are going to try Jada’s hydrating hair mask she has one favor to ask. “So listen if you do this technique do me a favor, if you use saran wrap, make sure you tear it up. Cut it up into little pieces, so if it somehow gets into the environment which most likely it will, we can try to protect mother nature’s little critters.  Thank you Jada.

The actress and Red Table Talk host is no stranger to showing us her beauty routine and with the way she and her family looks we are gonna be here to catch every secret.  See the full video of her Treamement here. If you do try this DIY treatment, let us know how you feel about the results in our comments section. 

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