James Cadogan Named Executive Director of National Basketball Social Justice Coalition

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The National Basketball Social Justice Coalition has announced the first Executive Director, James Cadogan. He will take his position on May 10, 2021 and drive the strategic vision and day-to-day operations of the Coalition.

The Coalition is created to lead the NBA family’s collaborative efforts to address racial inequality and advance social justice by raising awareness, educating and advocating for meaningful policy change in several areas, including voting access and criminal justice system reform at the national, state and local level.

Cadogan will partner with the NBA, National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), National Basketball Coaches Association (NBCA), and individual players, coaches and teams to advance broader leaguewide social impact efforts that focus on action and help create change.

“James’ expertise in public policy and record of success in vision and strategy-setting will help drive the priorities of the National Basketball Social Justice Coalition, and ensure we are creating meaningful impact in key areas of reform at the national, state, and local levels,” said NBA Deputy Commissioner and National Basketball Social Justice Coalition Board Member Mark Tatum. “We are proud to name him as the first Executive Director of the Coalition and look forward to his leadership in furthering our efforts to advance social and equal justice.”

“James’ vast array of experience in policy development, strategic planning, lobbying, litigation and research – all at both the private sector and federal government levels – reveals the considerable value he will deliver to the mission of the Social Justice Coalition,” said NBPA Executive Director and National Basketball Social Justice Coalition Board Member Michele Roberts. “We are thrilled he will be joining us.”

Cadogan will develop and lead an internal staff and manage relationships with partner organizations, external consultants, lawmakers and elected officials to develop and execute advocacy efforts tied to policy reform priorities. He will report to the Coalition’s Board of Directors.

“The Social Justice Coalition cements the NBA family’s commitment to civic engagement and policy action at a crucial moment in our nation,” said Cadogan. “I grew up not only with an unwavering love for the game of basketball, but also a deep respect for the NBA’s history of player activism promoting racial and social justice. Just as today’s grassroots movement for justice can trace its origins to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and ‘60s, this Coalition is rooted in the legacy forged by generations of NBA athletes, who for over sixty years have used their platforms to fight for civil rights and economic justice. I’m honored to be joining the team and look forward to helping today’s players, coaches, league officials, and governors build on that rich tradition.”

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