Juvenile Blasts Young Buck in Vlad TV Interview: “Buck is a B***h”

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The beef between Young Buck and Juvenile is far from over. Juvie was a guest on VLAD TV and when asked about the former G-Unit rapper, he exploded.

“Buck is a bitch,” Juvenile said. “I hate Young Buck fam. Buck is a bitch ass nigga and we not going to talk about Buck at all, period.”

Well, ok. The interview would continue, kind of, but moreso with Juvenile letting Vlad knows how he feels and what the interview should contain going forward.

“Do me a favor just ask me about me,” Juvenile stated. “Don’t throw names out there like that. I hate Buck. It was your interview he done that really made me trigger back to like fuck him. Fuck him for real, fam. I don’t care what he put out. I don’t care about Buck, fuck Buck. I mean what I’m saying.”

In Buck’s interview, he detailed a story about how Juvenile left him stranged in Los Angeles during the early part of his career.

You can see Juvenile’s statement below and hear Buck’s full interview here.

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