Kyle Massey’s Mother Jumps in Conversation to Defend Son

Kyle Massey Mother

All eyes are currently on ex Disney star, Kyle Massey. The Thats So Raven star is currently battling some serious allegations that claim he sent pornographic material to a 13 year old girl from December 2018 to January 2019.

In response to the accusations, Massey told the public to not “jump to conclusions” and believe a false narrative. Massey’s mom, Angel Massey stepped forward to defend her son against the accusations put out against him.

“Even though he consented to having sex with her at 16, in the state of California that’s illegal because a minor can’t consent to sex. So that’s how Kyle knows the mother,” Angel Massey explained in the video. “He never sent anything to a minor. This is an old attempt from the extortion from 2019,” she mentioned regarding a case in relation to this one, filed by the same parent two years ago.

 “She took the same CALIFORNIA COMPLAINT that she was unsuccessful in prosecuting and filed it in SEATTLE where she lives. MY SON KYLE IS THE VICTIM TODAY JUST AS HE WAS BACK ON FEBRUARY 14, 2019 when we got the 1.5 MILLION DOLLAR EXTORTION DEMAND!” Angel continued.

Massey is facing a felony of one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes. Massey was set to appear before a judge at King County Criminal Court in Washington this week, but failed to show. We will keep you updated with details.

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