Lil Durk and Team Denies Shooting at Arizona ‘Smurkchella’ Festival

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Over the weekend, Lil Durk took over the parking lot of the Celebrity Theatre in Arizona for “Smurkchella.” Unfortunately, the event ended with police response after people attempted to run from the venue after hearing sounds of gunshots. According to ABC-15 Arizona, the sound may have been from a dropped microphone.

Officers responded to the parking lot near 32nd and Van streets. Videos showed people running from the venue and police reportedly stated a woman was grazed in the leg by a gunshot, but Phoenix PD was unable to find anyone with a gunshot wound on Sunday morning.

Witnesses at the scene state they believed the sound of gunshots came from a microphone that was dropped on stage and was not actually gunshots.

There were 3,700 tickets sold to the event, however, it is believed up to 7,000 people were in attendance. Lil Durk tweeted 10,000 people came out.

“Yes, some things did go unplanned! It’s a concert, the first concert on the (heels) of a pandemic! We pushed for weeks to try to let as many people safely in as we could to experience this festival. Was that a mistake? In hindsight, maybe, but we wanted to do that for all of you who wanted to be at Smurkchella,” the team wrote in a statement.

“Celebrity Theatre was not the promoter for last night’s Smurkchella event. Celebrity Theatre was simply the rental venue. We were not involved in the logistical coordination of the event whatsoever,” the Celebrity Theatre said in a separate statement.

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