Meek Mill Ridiculed For Not Knowing What a PH Balance Is

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He’s back at it again. Meek Mill is often trending on social media for saying or doing something online that results in his fans clowning him. This time, the “Going Bad” rapper is being ridiculed for a comment he made under Instagram meme creator, JustinLABoy’s post.

The post read, “Watch your PH balance not my page.” With the caption “Happy Wednesday!! Have a blessed day #Respectfully,” followed by crying emojis and the peace sign.

It was all fun and games until Meek Mill commented under the post saying, “What is a ph balance … sounds like a excuse lol,” the rapper wrote with a nauseous emoji.

It wasn’t long before fans caught the rapper’s comment and ran with it. “meek mill pretends to be this socially conscious human when he rlly got the IQ of a damn rock. just release ur music and shut up,” one fan stated.

“meek mill on IG talking bout “what’s a ph balance?” …. Call me John cause I’ve cena enough!” another stated.

While Meek Mill is being clowned in public, hopefully, the rapper is being educated in private.

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