Meek Mill Sounds Off On Blogs for Posting “Goofy Sh*t”

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Meek Mill always finds himself in headlines for something bizarre that the rapper said on social media. His latest stunt came after posting about his search for vibrating panties on Amazon.

“I need vibrating panties with the remote lol,” he Tweeted.“They on Amazon? Lol.”

Shortly after the media and fans blew up what he said, the rapper hopped on Twitter to address how he feels regarding blogs in media.

“Yesterday I help a innocent man gain his freedom back he had life in prison …. on the net I was trending for a pause basically lol them blogs got y’all,” he penned. “Go check blogs pages …don’t post positive post just the goofy shit… y’all sheep and be serious lol.”

The man that Meek Mill helped free would be 51 year old Eric Reddick, a Philadelphia native, convicted of first-degree murder. After spending 29 years in prison, the Philadelphia attorney’s office says that Reddick did not receive a fair trial after finding there was no physical evidence connecting Reddick to the murder. Reddick is looking to be released from prison soon, but the charges will not be fully exonerated.

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