Michael Strahan Reveals Gap Removal Was Part of April Fools Joke


Michael Strahan is known for his career as a professional football player, who spent his entire 15-year run in the football league with the New York Giants. As Strahan’s days on the field have come to an end, the 49-year-old has now found himself on multiple morning shows across the television screen as he now spends his days as a television personality.

Do you know how most people are known for that..”thing?” Terry Crews is known for his pecks, Desiigner is known for his unique language and Michael Strahan’s staple is the gap between his front two teeth. Recently, fans were under the impression that after all these years, Michael Strahan has closed his gap after he posted a video of himself smiling with a new grill with the caption “I did it. @smiledesignmanhattan #GoodbyeGap.” The reaction to Strahan’s gap being closed was nothing short of positive from his supporters.

However, the morning talk show host has revealed in a two-minute video on his Instagram, that the gap close was a prank for the April Fools Holiday.

“I’ve had it for almost 50 years now and a lot of people out there would always say, you make me feel good about rocking mine. I know it’s a shocker to see it gone but I just want to tell you guys that you know I appreciate all that love that you show. Be you, live the way you want to live, do what makes you happy because I did. I am happy that I did it. So I just wanted to say .. April Fools!” he exclaimed while pulling down his face mask.

Strahan then tells fans that the gap isn’t going anywhere. “The gap is here to stay for a little while, not going anywhere anytime soon.”

While some fans were disappointed, others felt that Strahan looks good either way! What are your thoughts? Check out the videos below.

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