Mitt Romney Booed And Called A ‘Communist’ At Republican Convention

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Mitt Romney has been under fire from Republicans for quite some time over his condemnation of Donald Trump. At a state party convention Saturday in Utah, Mitt Romney was booed while taking the stage, shortly before a failed bid to censure him for voting to convict Donald Trump.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, some called Romney a “traitor” and a “communist.” Shortly after Romney began, outgoing Utah GOP Chairman Derek Brown called on the crowd to “show respect.”

A clip that surfaced of the incident shows Romney walking up to a lectern to a mix of applause and loud boos from nearly 2,000 delegates.

“So what do you think about President Biden’s first 100 days?” Romney said as the boo’s intensified. “Now you know me as a person who says what he thinks, and I don’t hide the fact that I wasn’t a fan of our last president’s character issues,” he said, prompting more boos from the crowd.

He paused for a few seconds as the booing continued and asked the crowd: “Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Later that same day, a resolution to censure Romney for voting to remove Trump from office was struck down in a 798 to 711 vote. The resolution was created by Republican party delegate Don Guymon. The resolution alleged that Romney “consistently publicly criticized” Trump and that those comments “not only hurt President Trump’s reelection but hurt other Republicans on the ballot.”

Romney was the only Republican in 2020 who broke party rank and voted to convict Trump for his abuses of power during his Presidency. Only six other Republicans voted to convict Trump this year after the insurrection on January 6th.

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