NBA Exec Responds to LeBron James Play-In Tournament Criticism

Both Number One Seeds Takes Game 1 Losses In The NBA Playoffs

LeBron James had sharp criticism for the creator of the new Playoff Play-In tournament, stating “whoever came up with that shit needs to be fired.”

The man who created the “shit” has now responded. Evan Wasch, Vice President of Basketball Strategy & Analytics responded to all criticism, not specifically mentioning James, although his response comes just three days later.

“Obviously, we welcome feedback from oru players and teams,” Wasch said. “But, on balance, we believe the play-in tournamnet offers more benefits than downsides.”

Those benefits include the fans who get more entertainment, the league who gets more competitive games toward the end of the season, and also teams that would normally be on the outside looking in around this time of the year but get a last ditch effort to make the playoffs.

So it appears LeBron James has to suck it up and avoid that tournament.

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