OTF Loyal Bros Continue Durkio’s Hip-Hop Run with a Dominant Roster


Words by: Johnnie Buck

In what seems to be the year of the Durkio movement, the “OTF” leader has yet another album to add to his latest repertoire of success. Released the same night as Drake’s Scary Hours 2, who many believe helped push Lil Durk’s popularity to an all-time high, OTF Loyal Bros stood to showcase what Lil Durk and the OTF artist were all about. Some of the most notable features of the project included Lil Uzi Vert, Foogiano, and upcoming artist Est Gee. The raw Chicago, drill feel was present throughout the entire album. 23 songs of real street banging music are what you could easily expect. The OTF label is known for housing artists such as Doodie Lo, Booka600, Chief Wuf, etc. More notably OTF is also recognized to holster  Tee Grizzley. Throughout the project, you can easily identify where flashes of influence of Lil Durk’s recognized sound helped to push this roster to give it their all. 

One of the other big names that can be enjoyed throughout the project is the late King Von. Known to be one of Lil Durk’s closest friends prior to his death, King Von helped to push the OTF label as they both began to gain wide stream success. As an ode to paying respect to the labels fallen soldier labelmates, Booka600, Memo600, and Thf Zoo dedicate a song to him titled Do It For Von. As mentioned, King Von also makes appearances throughout the album including what is probably the biggest song on the album Jump, where a posthumous Von can be heard exchanging verses with Lil Durk and Booka600.

From a “Drake Care Package” to being one of the most heavily sought-after artists out as of now, Lil Durk is continuing to push his abilities. OTF can definitely sleep well knowing they have a great commanding general. Throughout OTF Loyal Bros it is secure that the sound of the street is well encoded throughout the project. While they may still be mourning the loss of King Von, still expect the OTF family to continue to push that hard, melodic, and drill sound. Give OTF Loyal Bros a listen and let us know what you think.

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