Pooh Shiesty Denied Bond and Witness Recants Statement

Pooh Shiesty Denied Bond

Pooh Shiesty denied bond and will remain behind bars for now says Judge. 

On Thursday, a judge denied Pooh’s bail in connection to the King of Diamonds nightclub shooting last October.  In addition to the denied bond, prosecutors are also investigating why the 22 year old rapper’s alleged victim recanted his statement. “This is very concerning to me. Our office is obviously investigating it,” Miami-Dade prosecutor Ruben Scolavino told Circuit Judge Ellen Venzer.

Since his arrest earlier this month, the judge has held the “Back In Blood” rapper with no bond. But this week Pooh’s defense attorneys asked his judge to reconsider after saying they interviewed the eye witness and security guard that evening, Frivin Dor and he recanted his statement and “does not wish to prosecute Mr. Williams” professionally known as Pooh Shiesty.

According to the original arrest warrant, Miami-Dadepolice reported that Dor, tried ushering the rapper out of the club, while putting his hand on the firearm tucked in Williams’ waistband to stop him from pulling it out. Angered, Williams took out the gun and fired one shot — hitting Dor in the ankle.

According to a motion filed in court, Dor claimed in “shocking testimony” that he didn’t remember talking to Miami-Dade detectives because he was drugged up on pain killers at the hospital. Dor claimed that Williams never pointed the gun at him and “most importantly he is unsure as to who actually shot him,” the motion said.


The Memphis rapper’s preliminary hearing has been set for July 22nd. Share your thoughts on Pooh Shiesty getting his bond denied below.

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