Queen Naija Has Time For Critics Regarding Son’s Graduation

Queen Naija Says Lack of Education Caused 'Nappy Headed' Remarks

Queen Naija has been using her Twitter fingers lately. The Detroit singer is fed up following some critiques she received regarding the invitation list to her son’s kindergarten graduation. The singer attended her eldest son’s CJ graduation with only her current boyfriend and herself, which CJ’s biological father, Chris Sails, and aunt Tina, wasn’t too happy about.

“nah everyone literally on here @’ing me trying to interrogate me is baffling lol I’m amazed at how many people are minding my business,” she began.

In her part-time, when not singing on stage, Naija posts content for her youtube channel where she hosts a channel for family content and her own personal account. “I’m gonna drop the vlog of CJ’s graduation soon and EVERYONE could attend remotely hope all yall mfs who care will tune in.”

“I’m not playing everybody who had something to say better be watching OUR son get his diploma since he came outta ya’ll too,” she continued.

“better yet, send some money to pay his private school tuition since yall invested.. and where his graduation gifts????”

“If yall don’t want to hear my mouth then don’t run ya’lls…. imma keep talking allllll night cause my day is free, so just block me on all apps NEOW,” Queen added.

More than likely Queen Naija may post a video to her Youtube account where she addresses the drama.

However, first thing’s first .. Congratulations to CJ on his accomplishments!

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