Rolling Ray Shares He Ran Off on Big Purrr

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The online beef between Rolling Ray and Coi Leray has been continuing for months now. It all began when the DC influencer publicly claimed that the “No More Parties” rapper stole one of his coined phrases, “Purr.” Since then the two have been going back and forth on social media over the technicalities of who started the word.

While Coi Leray has made it clear in the past that there is no beef on her end, Rolling Ray seems to be keeping the same energy after revealing a story to his Instagram on how he ran off on the “Bigg Purr” rapper.

“So, basically, somebody on Coi Leray team reached out to me. This was like, two weeks ago almost and it was like, ‘Hey, Rolling Ray, we would like to pay you to promote the event that Coi Leray will be hosting,” he began before saying that the price was for 250.

Apparently, Leray’s team wanted Rolling Ray to promote an event that Leray would be hosting in his hometown of D.C. Rolling Ray says that the person wanted him to mention in the video that he would be at the event. “I pocketed that little ass two-fifty,” Rolling Ray stated.

“They tried to use me to promote this girl’s event. Stop playing so much,” Rolling Ray stated before adding that Leray needed to check in with him before appearing in D.C. “Her event gon’ be real slow. It’s a difference from TikTok music, real music, and real performances. You’re not it.”

Coi Leray, nor her team has cleared the record on Rolling Ray’s story. Check out the video of his story below.

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