Saweetie Says Lil Kim Has the Best Bars in Female Rap Herstory


Saweetie is giving her flowers to Lil Kim. 

During an interview with Issa Rae, Saweetie reveals who she thinks has the best bar in female rap ‘herstory.’

Saweetie was featured on, “Issa’s Radio Show,” the Apple Music podcast with Issa Rae. In that interview, the “Best Friend” rapper bestowed her honors on the Queen Bee, Lil Kim, for her 1996 single Not Tonight.

“I think Lil’ Kim’s ‘Not Tonight.’ I think this is the best bar in female history,” Saweetie said of the Hard Core classic. “I like when she says, ‘Tryin’ to impress me with your five G stones / I’ll give you 10 Gs, ni**a, if you leave me alone.’ When I heard that, I was like…I felt it. I knew what she meant and that’s just the most boss thing someone could ever say. Like, I love that line.”

Additionally, Saweetie shares that her mom put her on to the Brooklyn rap icon while growing up. Apparently, her mom would listen to a lot of Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown. “I’ve always liked their demeanor…. They always just felt so powerful to me.”

Furthermore, she gave props to other iconic female rappers. From Missy Elliott for her creativeness to Trina for her attitude. Saweetie’s influences also include Nicki Minaj; who she discovered online.

“In high school, Nicki dropped two or three mixtapes that I just super loved and it opened my eyes to what a modern day female rapper may felt like because everybody else, my aunties and my mom was listening to them, but I discovered Nicki on LimeWire.”

Saweetie is now readying her debut album Pretty Bitch Music. The project, which will contain at least 17 tracks, will be a true representation of herself. If you want to hear more about the female rapper and her ‘Pretty B Music‘ check out the podcast below.

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