Travis Scott Named AdWeek’s Creative Visionary of the Year, Doesn’t Like Terms “Marketing” or “Branding”

Travis Scott Announces HBCU Scholarships Through His Newly Launched Cactus Jack Foundation

The last couple of years, Travis Scott has become the most marketable artist in the world. From having people line up at McDonald’s to get a cheeseburger, to having grown men go crazy over a Hot Wheels car, and getting people to pay close to a thousand dollars resell for a pair of Jordans with his name on them, there’s no doubt Travis’ influenced is unmatched. Travis was recently named AdWeek’s “Creative Visionary of the Year, and while the rapper is one of the best marketers in the game, he doesn’t like the term.

“I don’t like words like ‘branding’ and ‘marketing,’” Travis said. “I just wasn’t ever really into it, you know? I guess I’m a naturalist in that sense.”

Instead of worrying about terms like “marketing” or “branding” Travis said he’s just into making cool stuff that inspires him and others. “I’m just more about putting out very cool things that inspire me and I hope one day inspire other people,” Scott continued. “I’m trying to bring a utopian effect … hoping to inspire the next person to just get creative or even just live their life in an aesthetically pleasing, vibed-out way.”

Travis recently dropped his agave spiked seltzer drink, Cacti, in partnership with Anheuser-Busch. Like other things Travis gets his hands into, the drink was a hit, and he only has big plans for it from here, trying to move into official sponsorships.

“[I can’t wait for] Cacti’s first official lead sponsorship,” he told Adweek. “I feel like if I say anything more, I might get out the spot. But it’s definitely going to be one of those ‘official drinks.’”

You can read the full article here.

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