Waka Flocka Exchanges Words with OJ Da Juiceman

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Atlanta native Otis WIlliams Jr, better known by his stage name OJ Da Juiceman stirred the pot after sitting down with Big Facts podcast and revealing that he never received compensation for his debut studio album that released in 2009 titled, “The Otha Side of the Trap.” At that time, OJ would be working with Mizay Entertainment which was then under Deb Antney.

It seems as though everyone including Deb’s son, Waka Flocka got wind of the podcast and Waka wasn’t too fond of the story being told regarding his mother. “I never do this. This lame what I’m finna do,” Waka began. “Bruh, you lame as f*ck… Talkin’ ’bout n*ggas stole from you. P*ssy ass n*gga. You know who stole from you, you lame ass n*gga. Stop puttin’ that sh*t on my mama, n*gga. Yes, I’m gon’ say this.”

“Grown men on the internet crying about who stole from them,” Waka continued. “Y’all n*ggas is lame as f*ck.”

OJ da Juiceman responded to the “No Hands” rapper saying, “D*ck in the booty ass n*gga you a whole ho, p*ssy ass n*gga.” “You ain’t on no gangsta sh*t. N*gga, I ain’t neva seen you do nothin’. Gangsta p*ssy ass n*gga… You and yo’ weak ass mama. F*ck both of y’all.”

This all comes after Juiceman’s claims stating that he didn’t get paid from his debut album and that the only way for him to get out of his contract at that time was for him to sign over “everything” from The Otha side of the Trap and ten years after. Which eventually led to him moving forward independently.

“These folks hit me with, to let you out this contract, for you can be free, you gotta let us have everything from The Otha Side of the Trap for your life and ten years after your life,” he stated.

Juiceman also revealed that he could not sue for the royalties of his album, however his children may be able to do so, ten years after his passing.

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